Where should I keep my backup drive?

So, you’ve gone through the steps to back up your device, but where should you keep your hard drive?

Of course, most will keep their hard drive either plugged into their computer/laptop or right next to it. But how secure is that backup if both devices are stolen, or if the place they are both stored in are destroyed (e.g. by a natural disaster)?

This is where our recommendations come in.

  • Keep the hard drive at work
    • After backing up your device, take the hard drive to your office and store it in a locked location
    • This increases the likelihood of your data staying nice and safe
  • Keep the hard drive in your car
    • Underneath your driver or passenger’s seat can be a great place to keep your hard drive
    • It’s always easily accessible, and if you ever need to quickly evacuate the family home for whatever reason, it will always be there ready for you

The other great option as hard drives come down significantly in price is to purchase two drives, keeping a backup of your backups in one of the locations we listed above.

This will of course help in case something happens to the disk, the hard drive is dropped, or any other unforeseeable issue occurs.

You could also possibly keep a copy of your data in the cloud (but this comes with other issues) which we will touch on in a future post.

We hope this post has been informative for you and has been helpful! We would love to hear from you below in our comments section.