Tuesday Tip Time!

Protect Your Passwords

Top 4 Password Tips:

1. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts/platforms

  • It is always a good idea to have different passwords! This comes in handy if one of your accounts gets compromised; this means they will only have access to one account (hopefully) rather than them all (if your password is the same!)

2. Use passphrases

  • Having a passphrase makes your password easier to remember, which also makes it more secure (if not written in plain text) if you don’t need to write it down!

3. Don’t share your passwords with anyone else!

  • It’s always best to keep your passwords to yourself and not share them with anyone. This will ensure that the only person logging into the account is you, and if there are any notifications of log-ins, you will know whether your device has been compromised.

4. Don’t use any personal information in your passwords (i.e. birthday, anniversary date, etc.)!

  • This information is normally readily available via social media