Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

Have you ever had an issue with your laptop or computer and wondered “Where on earth do I start”?

Below are some tips on where you can begin troubleshooting the issues before consulting an IT expert!

Before you begin, always make sure your device is backed up!

Please note that these are general suggestions only and may not resolve your issue; if you do not feel comfortable completing any of the steps below, you should stop immediately and consult an expert!

Backing up Mac: Click here

Backing up Windows 10: Click here

  • Has anything changed recently?
    • If anything has recently changed on your computer/laptop, it would be best to attempt to roll back to a restore point or a previous backup
    • If anything has just been plugged in like a USB stick, new mouse, or keyboard, they can sometimes cause these sorts of issues
      • First, unplug one device and restart your machine to see if this corrects the issue
      • Keep unplugging one device, then another, then another, etc. to confirm if unplugging any one of your devices fixes the issue; remember to restart your computer or laptop in between
  • If you believe we are missing one of your favourite brands, leave a comment below and we will add it in!
  • Are there any error codes that show on the screen?
    • Mobile phones come in handy for quickly taking pictures of the error codes that may appear on your screen and then quickly disappear!
    • Put the error code into Google and see if it comes up with any results
      • If you don’t feel comfortable/have the knowledge on how to resolve the issues and making changes to your computer, it would be best to drop your laptop off at the local repair shop OR give us a call!
    • If you continue to proceed with attempting to fix your device, make sure to take detailed notes on anything that you’ve tried, so that you can pass this onto a technician at the store to help save them time, and save yourself money (a faster fix should hopefully mean a cheaper bill!)